Kelly Greenhill

Kelly Greenhill is an International Relations and Security Studies scholar whose research focuses on state foreign and defence policy. In particular she looks at ‘new security challenges’, including the use of migration as a political weapon. Greenhill argues that the forced movement of displaced persons is often turned into a foreign policy instrument by statesContinue reading “Kelly Greenhill”


The word ‘refugee’ is very often placed next to words like ‘crisis’ or ‘emergency’. Through these words, our attention is called to dramatic events that have forced people to flee their homes and search for shelter elsewhere – perhaps the fall of an old regime, the rise of a new regime, the outbreak of warContinue reading “Emergency/Crisis”

Arash Abizadeh

Arash Abizadeh is a political philosopher who looks at democratic theory (examining the definition and meaning of the concept of democracy). Some of his most interesting work asks whether democratic states can justify their use of immigration controls that exclude potential immigrants. Democratic states often argue that they should be able to control who canContinue reading “Arash Abizadeh”


Today we understand the international system to be made up of separate, sovereign nation-states. If this system functions correctly, each individual is recognised internationally through their status as a citizen of one particular state. This way of structuring the international order does not always work – there are millions of people in the world who,Continue reading “Mobility”

Gurminder Bhambra

Gurminder Bhambra is a sociologist who works in the field of postcolonial and decolonial theory, taking the perspective that colonialism did not end with formal decolonisation but continues to shape the world today. Bhambra argues that hiding the history of colonialism leads to xenophobic perceptions of migrants and then to immigration policies which exclude theseContinue reading “Gurminder Bhambra”

Chandran Kukathas

Chandran Kukathas is an Australian political theorist whose work explores the topics of liberalism, multiculturalism, and diversity. He examines how states draw up moral distinctions between who can and cannot enter their territories and he asks whether we should see these distinctions as legitimate. Most states, Kukathas claims, create what they see as a ‘moral’Continue reading “Chandran Kukathas”


‘Asylum’, at its most basic, refers to a place of safety where a person can find protection and shelter. The term emerged from the Greek word asulos which can broken down into two parts: ‘-a’ meaning ‘without’ and ‘-sulon’ meaning roughly ‘the right to arrest or seize someone’. Asylum can therefore be understood as protectionContinue reading “Asylum”